I have to confess that I was planning a 'proper' version of totalmarker on the web, where you can get personal marker files by crafting the URL, but this site can't have php on it, and this had more problems than I realised (a long with so many options), but I am still working on it.

In the meantime the old static kind are still around.

Type of Maker File: Time of Updates Link to File

Quake Maker File Data taken from the Near RealTime Earthquake List, as it updates randomly this marker is updated every 20 minutes. Goto Page

Volcano Maker File Data updated once a week on a Wednesday. Goto Page

Hurricane Maker File Every Three Hours from 00.00 GMT daily Goto Page

Update Time Marker File Whenever one of the other marker files are updated (sic!) Goto Page

Satellite Maker Files You will need picture files called the following in your images direcory. iss.png, hst.png, sat.png, sts.png these are for the International Space Station, Hubble, Generic Satellite and the Space Shuttle. A Zip file of the images are avaible here.
ISS Marker File Every six hours from 00:00 GMT Daily Goto Page
ISS.tle Marker File Every six hours from 00:00 GMT Daily Goto Page